Slides Captions

Slides captions allows users to repurpose the Google Slides Captioning feature as a full screen captioning tool. There are a number of uses for this:

  1. For use in a theatre or auditorium space where you want to caption an event. The multiple lines and large text, make it easier to follow what is happening.

  1. In a meeting room, where there are multiple displays, where one can be dedicated to the purpose of captioning

There are a number of factors which must be taken into consideration when using this Chrome Extension:

  • The extension will prevent your Google Slides from appearing, to be able to display your slides again you must:

  1. Using the menu open Extensions

2. Slide the slider across to turn off the extension

3. To enable again open the extensions menu

4. And slide the slider across

  • The extension uses Google's captioning technology and errors can be expected.

  • The extension cannot differentiate between different people talking

If you require assistance with the extension, or you have a bug, or feature request please visit the gitHub repository for the project.

Getting Started with Slides Captions